Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sorting the Music for the Devizes Chamber Choir´s Spring concert.

 Sorting the music for the Sops, altos, tenors and basses.

I´ve been singing again with the Devizes Chamber Choir, and inadvertently offered to be the choir´s librarian!    Not an easy job!   This spring we will sing Vivaldi´s "Gloria"  Nielsen´s "Springtime in Funen" and "Be Still, My Soul" from "Finlandia" by Sibelius.  I have sung the "Gloria" several times, but not the Nielsen or the Sibelius, although I know the tune very well.   I am looking forward to some good singing in the New Year.

Three scores for each of the 50 members of the choir.

Each singer will need three scores, so I spent an afternoon numbering each copy from 1 to 50, and then bundled them into groups of three.   There is always a little chaos at the beginning of each new term, when everyone has to collect their music, and even more when it all has to be collected, and returned to the music library.  Happy Days!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Carols by Candlelight in St Mary´s Church, Devizes

 The Norman high altar in St Mary´s Church.

St Mary´s Church, one of three medieval churches in Devizes, lies redundant at the moment.  It is kept alive with one service a week, and attempts are being made to turn the lovely space into a community arts centre.   The plans for an extension have been turned down twice, which is most unfortunate.  We sang a carol service here in 2013, so hopefully this will become an annual event.  We sang without an accompaniment, and managed to stay reasonably in tune.

 What a wonderful light in which to sing.

My candle and carol sheet, and not easy to photograph with one hand!  

I had problems trying to sing, hold a candle and take some photographs, and in the process I managed to get my right hand covered in hot wax.  Mince pies and mulled wine were served after the service, which were very welcome.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Out Walking near Jubilee Wood, Rowde near Devizes

 Jubilee Wood, near Rowde, where hundreds of trees have been planted to celebrate the Queen´s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

It was a cold day, but well worth the 3.5 mile walk from my home to the wood and then back up the Caen Hill flight of locks.  Having eaten too much over Christmas, I was in need of a good, fast walk.  I planted six of the above trees, although I´m now not sure which ones.

The Rowde Village plaque.

Rowde village consists of mainly brick built houses, although a number of 17th century buildings still remain in the village centre.   These include the "George and Dragon" public house.   "The Cross Keys" a pub built in 1938, now stands on the site of a timber framed and thatched building, which unfortunately burnt to the ground.  The 15th century church of St Matthew stands in the centre of the village.