Monday, 27 February 2012

A flat six miler around Marston.

The spring is coming!  Sunday's walk in the warm sun around Marston, a small hamlet near Devizes, made us feel that life is worth living after all!  I have never walked this area before, and I'm always pleased to discover the many little churches and chapels that litter the Wiltshire countryside.  Worton Church in the neighbouring hamlet was bathed in sunshine as we past.  At Worton Common we walked through snowdrop bedecked banks and verges and eventually came to the trout ponds at Great Cheverell Trout Farm.  I eat fish, but always feel rather sorry to see the beautiful creatures hanging from a hook and line.    I'm much too sentimental.
The group passes Great Cheverell Trout Farm
The water in the ponds was fast moving, and being fed in and out again to keep the water fresh and flowing, I think trout like it this way. Nets covered the ponds, as I suppose the herons would be dining on the fish if they had half a chance.  We walked on towards our Mill Farm coffee break, where I always find it difficult to stop, for whenever I do, my ankles object when I start up again.  We wandered through Cheverell Wood to the accompaniment of the squawking geese penned in a nearby field.  It was possible to buy eggs here from the owner, but all had gone.  This was an enchanting, short, flat walk and thoroughly enjoyed by all 22 walkers.
Walking through Cheverell Wood in dappled sunlight.

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