Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fireworks and Confetti on Wednesday Evening.

Fireworks over the "Castle Hotel."

The second Wednesday of Carnival fortnight is the evening of the "Confetti Battle" in the Market Place.  Hundreds gather to buy packets of confetti and throw it all over one another, with squeals of delight from the children.  It is a quaint, old and harmless Devizes custom!  The evening culminates with a big display of fireworks, which are best viewed from my roof garden.

On the horizon, just left of centre near the tv aerial, it the chimney of "Wadworth's Brewery." 

The local 6X beer is brewed here, and is not my favourite tipple, (it does not agree with my tum!.)  The brewery produces several other really good beers, much more to my liking.   Beer barrels are delivered to pubs in Devizes by Shirehorses pulling a dray.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Monday's Devizes Street Festival.

The first ever crossing of Devizes Market Place by tightrope, with a midway cuppa! 

Chris Bull, the tightrope walker with nerves of steel, managed to walk cross the Market Place on a high wire, much to the delight and terror of those who assembled to watch his act of "daring do."   He started from the "Black Swan" roof, and walked across to "Straker's" on the other side of the square.   Half way across, he sat on the wire and drank a cup of good English tea, after which he stood up, and continued his stroll.   

The photo below shows him on the return journey.  There are easier ways to cross the Market Place, I always use the proper crossings on the ground!

Chris Bull on his way back to the "Black Swan."

The childrens' roundabout viewed from the entrance to the "Ginnel."

The Market Cross, with a bowling alley and a giant ice cream in the foreground. 

We had friends staying over for the two days, and we wandered around together, then stopped and drank beer, then did a little more wandering and met in the "Black Swan" for yet another mid afternoon beer.  (The weather was hot!)   That evening we met again in the "Black Swan" for a lovely meal.  (The "Black Swan" is my favourite Devizes pub.)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The "Crammer" was Alive with the Sound of Music.

 The "Crammer" Fire Festival.

The pond in the middle of Devizes is called the "Crammer," and is the scene of the "Moonraker Saga."   Many years ago smugglers were accosted by the local police as the were carrying contraband spirits back to the village of Bishop's Cannings.   They managed to throw their stash into the pond, and told the police that they were innocent passers-by.    However, they smugglers returned the following evening to retrieve the barrels from the bottom of the pond. Once again the police arrived, and wanted to know what was going on.   The smugglers explained away their actions by saying that the were trying to rake the reflection of the moon out of the pond.  So, from then on, all people who are born in Wiltshire are called "Moonrakers."  I am not a "Moonraker," as I was born in Walton on Thames, Surrey, just outside London.

On Sunday evening the "Crammer" was the setting for a light show.  Hundreds of little flames flickered on platforms on the water to the accompaniment of some very loud, and not very atmospheric music.  I am fussy about my music, and some Baroque, stately music, eg Handel's Water Music would have been more appropriate.   At various intervals throughout the evening, three men walked thigh deep through the water, and swirled lights attached to long ropes round their heads.  The top photo shows two of the swirling lights.  There men was dressed in black, and wore hats with big fishes atop!  The light show ended rather suddenly when the music stopped and everyone went home!  We were waiting for a finale, which just didn't turn up!

All lit up on the "Crammer" in  Devizes.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Berwick Basset to Avebury, for lunch in the "Red Lion."

 Walking in the woods near Avebury.

How do I get out of here?

Berwick Basset Church and old plough.

The box pews in Berwick Basset Church.

Avebury church viewed through the lych gate.

Traction engine outside "The Red Lion" at Avebury.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Greetings from Avebury.

Greetings from Avebury Stone Circle.

Off to Berwick Bassett and Avebury this morning, for a walk along the banks of the River Kennet.  A nice flat walk, with no hills, a couple of stiles and nothing to puff me out!  I am still recovering from the time change, only an hour, but I got up at 5am this morning, thinking it was 6am.   I made a cuppa, and went back to bed until 7am, a more respectable time to arise!   More later about the walk.