Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Monday's Devizes Street Festival.

The first ever crossing of Devizes Market Place by tightrope, with a midway cuppa! 

Chris Bull, the tightrope walker with nerves of steel, managed to walk cross the Market Place on a high wire, much to the delight and terror of those who assembled to watch his act of "daring do."   He started from the "Black Swan" roof, and walked across to "Straker's" on the other side of the square.   Half way across, he sat on the wire and drank a cup of good English tea, after which he stood up, and continued his stroll.   

The photo below shows him on the return journey.  There are easier ways to cross the Market Place, I always use the proper crossings on the ground!

Chris Bull on his way back to the "Black Swan."

The childrens' roundabout viewed from the entrance to the "Ginnel."

The Market Cross, with a bowling alley and a giant ice cream in the foreground. 

We had friends staying over for the two days, and we wandered around together, then stopped and drank beer, then did a little more wandering and met in the "Black Swan" for yet another mid afternoon beer.  (The weather was hot!)   That evening we met again in the "Black Swan" for a lovely meal.  (The "Black Swan" is my favourite Devizes pub.)

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