Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fireworks and Confetti on Wednesday Evening.

Fireworks over the "Castle Hotel."

The second Wednesday of Carnival fortnight is the evening of the "Confetti Battle" in the Market Place.  Hundreds gather to buy packets of confetti and throw it all over one another, with squeals of delight from the children.  It is a quaint, old and harmless Devizes custom!  The evening culminates with a big display of fireworks, which are best viewed from my roof garden.

On the horizon, just left of centre near the tv aerial, it the chimney of "Wadworth's Brewery." 

The local 6X beer is brewed here, and is not my favourite tipple, (it does not agree with my tum!.)  The brewery produces several other really good beers, much more to my liking.   Beer barrels are delivered to pubs in Devizes by Shirehorses pulling a dray.

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