Sunday, 25 August 2013

The "Crammer" was Alive with the Sound of Music.

 The "Crammer" Fire Festival.

The pond in the middle of Devizes is called the "Crammer," and is the scene of the "Moonraker Saga."   Many years ago smugglers were accosted by the local police as the were carrying contraband spirits back to the village of Bishop's Cannings.   They managed to throw their stash into the pond, and told the police that they were innocent passers-by.    However, they smugglers returned the following evening to retrieve the barrels from the bottom of the pond. Once again the police arrived, and wanted to know what was going on.   The smugglers explained away their actions by saying that the were trying to rake the reflection of the moon out of the pond.  So, from then on, all people who are born in Wiltshire are called "Moonrakers."  I am not a "Moonraker," as I was born in Walton on Thames, Surrey, just outside London.

On Sunday evening the "Crammer" was the setting for a light show.  Hundreds of little flames flickered on platforms on the water to the accompaniment of some very loud, and not very atmospheric music.  I am fussy about my music, and some Baroque, stately music, eg Handel's Water Music would have been more appropriate.   At various intervals throughout the evening, three men walked thigh deep through the water, and swirled lights attached to long ropes round their heads.  The top photo shows two of the swirling lights.  There men was dressed in black, and wore hats with big fishes atop!  The light show ended rather suddenly when the music stopped and everyone went home!  We were waiting for a finale, which just didn't turn up!

All lit up on the "Crammer" in  Devizes.

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