Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sunrise with thoughts of Blog Entries and Wolfi Mozart!

I began Tuesday with this view from my bedroom window.  I can open my blinds, and on my pillow, rest my head on my hands, and watch the sun arise in all her glory.  What a sight it was that morning, with the sun reappearing after so many days of greyness.   The day was to be busy, because, among other things, I had to chose and print off a blog entry for our afternoon writing group.  I spend many hours writing, and if I´m not careful, I will develop square eyes through staring at a computer monitor for too long.    

Just before Chirstmas I tried to leave the "Creative Writing Group."  Hands were  raised in horror by the other members, and  they said, "No!"   So a truce was arranged, and now I will present a blog entry with historical interest at our meetings.   I find it easy to write newsy blog entries, and with the help of photographs, I can write an interesting article at the drop of a hat.  That´s not the case when writing of a short story!  That demands much thought, blood, sweat and tears, and I don´t have enough time to write short stories, particulary when I´m concentrating on writing as much German as I can.

The Devizes Chamber Choir met on Tuesday evening for the first time this year , when we practised Mozart´s "Te Deum."  This short, exciting piece of music, lasting about seven minutes in toto, was written when Wolfgang was 13 years old!   I was still reading girly stories about horses at that age, but this young man, although dominated by his father, was writing these masterpieces at a tender age.   

We are singing in latin of course, and much discussion ensues about the correct pronunciation of the words, particulary the "ch."    Fortunately we have a latin expert singing with us, so all will be well.   The score is printed and written in German, so no problems with the universal language of musical notation,  but I have learnt a few new words from the text.  Every little new word goes into my long term memory, it´s the getting it to stay there that is another matter!

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