Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sunshine and an Ice Cream at Caen Hill Locks.

 Looking up the flight of 16 locks at Caen Hill.

What a glorious day to go walking around Caen Hill.  The sun shone, and the crowds were out, both on land, in the cafe, and out in boats negotiating the famous flight of 29 locks in the whole  flight.  The photo above shows the consecutive flight of 16 locks, which makes going up a hard afternoon´s work for all the crews.   I bought an ice cream in the cafe, and then walked down the road on one side of the locks, and then walked back up the towpath and home, a total walk of about 4 miles.  I felt great once the walk was finished.

A black cat passed me by!

Near Town Bridge, where the back gardens of the houses meet the towpath,  a black cat came out to say "Hello."  Well not much of an hello, as she seemed more interested in what was shuffling about in the bushes, be it bird or mouse, than she was with me.     I said "bye bye" and walked on home for a welcome cuppa!

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