Monday, 16 February 2015

Up on Oliver's Castle and at Mother Anthony's Well

 Oliver's Castle and neolithic hill fort.

I had a very busy Sunday, and did a walk I would not attempt on my own, as I needed a great deal of encouragement to climb up to Oliver's Castle, a landscape feature that proved quite decisive during the Battle of Roundway Down in 1643.   The above photo shows a view from the nature plantation looking towards the promontory, which is a good, windy site on which to fly kites and model aircraft.

 Oliver's Castle

The view from the bottom, which gives some idea of the climb I had to attempt.  I was completely exhausted when I got to the top, and had my mobile phone with me, just in case I needed to call the air ambulance men to come and resuscitate me!

 Pamela on the phone at the foot of the downs. 

Mother Anthony's Well.

This is the spot where water leeches out from the chalk, and is regarded as a sacred site by some believers.  It is the site of pre-historic settlements throughout the ages, and is also the site of a Roman villa.   It is nice to imagine all the people and animals who have stopped here to drink from the spring.

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