Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cabbages, New Laptop, New Wifi Printer and Stress.

Decorative cabbages growing on Sandown Promenade over Christmas.
These decorative cabbages must have a proper name, if anyone knows what they are called please tell me.  They are obviously mutations from the normal variety, but are very pleasing to the eye.  These were growing in a small garden on Sandown seafront near the pier, and I particularly like the purple colour.  Below are the normal dinner table variety.

Edible cabbages growing in Bromham.
Today was very stressful!  My new laptop arrived yesterday and was a doddle to set up, make back up discs and generally organise into a machine that felt like home.  Today I bought a new wireless printer, one that is attached to my home hub, and should serve the three pcs I use here.  It should have been idiot proof to install, and all went well until I couldn't get the software disc to run.   

At one time, a nice little box would come up when I inserted a disc,  the on screen instructions asking me what I'd like to do, but for some unknown reason the box disappeared several months ago.    My nice little "easy to use"  instructions were gone and I had to work around it by uploading photos straight into Picassa.   The problem is now solved, thanks to the help of a PC expert friend who told me what buttons to press and in what order.  I now need several cups of tea.
My desk that has not been this tidy in years,

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