Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Weather is Terrible, therefore it must be Thursday and Market Day.

Pots of Hyacinth and primulas
Every Thursday the weather in Devizes is absolutely terrible!  Sometimes the market traders don't bother to erect their canopies and awnings and why?   They get blown down in the high winds as soon as they are put up.  Today it poured with rain for a couple of hours, although by 10am it had brightened up and the sun shone for a good 30 seconds!   I like taking photos in the market, as there is much opportunity to see the decorative side of flowers, fruit and veg.  On occasions I get quizzical looks from the stall holders, who simply cannot see the beauty in big green cabbages, bundles of carrots and bunches of bananas and grapes.
Tubs of heather, snowdrops and white primula.
Spring flowers are rearing their little heads, and because of the unseasonally warm weather, some are far too advanced and will end up with frosted buds if they are not careful.  The snowdrops and heathers are very hardy, and the primulas can stay indoors.
Pink, hardy cyclamen await a buyer.

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