Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Boots are Made for Walking! And that's just what they'll do!

New boots on Coltsfoot.
I bought some new walking boots on Tuesday, and took them for their first afternoon outing along Quaker's walk.   I was busy  taking  photos of them, when a curious man asked if I was studying the geology of the landscape.  "No, just taking photos of my new boots," I said.    He turned out to be a living in a boat on the canal, so the conversation got around to the canals, and to my heartache over the loss of my lovely narrowboat, "Blue Haze."  Still she is gone, and I cannot have the lovely times back again.   Along Quaker's Walk I met a friend and we did a circular walk together, ending at her house for a nice up of coffee.  The boots are really comfy, but I now need some new  thick socks, my old ones have holes in the heels.    This year I will walk again with the Braunschweig group, and I need to have proper footwear for our long rambles over the countryside. 

This blog ends on Sunday April 15th, when another will take over.  The new address is:  but I will post the address again several times, so that you can follow my adventures in Braunschweig, Berlin, Hamburg, Remschied, Heidelberg and Dresden.  I fly to Hannover on Sunday April 22nd.   Watch this space. 
New boots on cobbles.

New boots on dandelions.

New boots on winter aconite.

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