Monday, 9 April 2012

Walking the Devizes Bounds.

Walking towards Potterne
The sun shone  before the Easter weekend, but promptly disappeared  in true  British fashion, of course, when the holiday weekend arrived.  We are now officially in a drought, having had two very dry winters, so we must not complain about the drizzle but.......!  We need some good rainfall as the grass is turning yellow in places, and the farmers fields are dry.  The photo right shows the group walking downhill towards Whistley Lane and Potterne.  Boundary ditch is to the left at the bottom of the hill.  This is the site of a large medieval deer park on the western boundary of Devizes.   The photo below shows us standing on the bank of the ditch, with Joyce giving us some history of the area.  It was built sometime in the 12th/13th century, and orginally had a wooden fence or paling along the top to keep the deer enclosed.  The bluebells were just starting to bloom, the birds were singing, and the place felt rather magical in the dappled sunlight and warmth.
Standing on the "Pale" the edge of Boundary Ditch.  In the foreground, just out of sight is a large, leaf covered hole into which I fell.  Fortunately there were enough hands to drag me out.  I think Mr. Badger lives here!
Where's the path?  Two walkers look lost in the field of rape.  Boundary ditch is to the left of the photo.

In Hartmore Lane Joyce gives us some information about the geological formation of the Greensand.

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