Friday, 22 February 2013

A Shortage of News caused by the Cold Weather!

I ventured out this morning for a walk.  I was leading the walk, so there was no escape, and I needed the help of friends to coax me out of my warm flat to confront the freezing cold wind that's blowing in from Siberia.  It is really cold, and I had to wear my hat and gloves and several layers of clothing to keep the bitter wind out of my bones.   We caught the 10am  49 Trans Wilts Express bus to "The Crown" at Bishops Cannings, and then walked back to Devizes along the hill top, down to the towpath at Laywood Bridge, and then on towards Devizes Wharf.    The view above shows the hills of Salisbury Plain, along which we have walked on many occasions.  The track was frozen today, with icy puddles at the bottom of the slope.  I walked this route a month ago, when I was up to my ankles in mud and slush. 

We joined the towpath at Laywood Bridge, where a nearby tree has  become the nesting place of a flock of noisy crows, who squawked our arrival.  We eventually reached Devizes Marina, with its moored boats, some with residential status.   The little blue boat above is a day boat, one which can be hired for day trips on the canal. In the summer it can be seen covered in people attempting a trip on the water, whilst drinking beer and the like.   In the background is "The Hourglass," a canalside restraurant and bar.  When the weather is nice, (not often) it is nice to sip ones beer on the large patio and watch the boats go by, (not often)

"The Iron Lady" above is dated 1899, and is a dutch barge, used as a residential home on the water.  She has a plush interior, and has been on the canal for many years, with a variety of owners.   With so much ironwork to maintain, she must cost a penny or two to keep in good order.  The had lunch and a drink in "The Crown," which today felt cold and not very cosy.

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