Monday, 4 February 2013

The Once a Month "Really Busy Tuesday."

It's snowdrop time again.  We saw these on our walk last Friday, and because they were not quiet open, we decided to repeat the walk again soon, and view them in their full display of  contrasting fagility and hardiness .   **The date at the top of this blog is a day out!

Today really is "Really Busy Tuesday," the only day of the month when three activities fall in one day.  This morning at 10am our Geology group meets,  and the occasion will be sad, as the group's leader died last week after many months of illness.  He was a knowledgeable man, with a lifelong interest in geography and the geology of our local area.  We  hope to continue the group with a coordinator producing a programme of topics, with members presenting  their own findings and interests in each subject to the group.     Ray will be much missed by us all.

This afternoon the writing group meets, and for which I have produced nothing!  I sometimes wonder just how many words I write in a day, yet alone a month, so to save myself some work, I have printed off one of my more interesting blogs, and will read that to the group.

This evening I should be singing "Cherubini and Mozart" to my heart's content,  but at the moment I'm not sure that I will make it.  We are still in the "learning the music" stage, which is basically 1.5 hours of note bashing.  It's somewhat tedious but necessary. 

This lovely view is from "One Tree Hill" in Potterne, looking out towards Etchilhampton Hill and the Vale of Pewsey.  As the patchy sunlight moved across the landscape, it lit up each field in turn, and produced a variety of drifting, verdant greens, and all quite magical.

To the left of the photo, near the hilltop is the "Devizes Millenium White Horse,"  etched into the chalk hillside to commemorate the year 2000.  The day was dank, but we were heading towards the "White Bear" in Devizes, so our spirits remained high in anticipation of a good lunch,  and for me, a small glass of cider!

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