Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Out Boating on a "Hen Night."

The "Bride to Be" arrives with her friends in a stretched limo.

The bride to be and guests arrived at 6.30pm for their "Hen Night" on the Kenavon Venture.  As the car doors open, several slightly tipsy ladies spilled out.   They had been on a car cruise around the Wiltshire countryside, drinking alcohol the while!   Granny was there too, and hopefully had a good time with the girls!

Just a small amount of alcohol is necessary for a good night out.

One bowl of punch contained alcohol, the other just fruit juice!   I drank the first version!  We had trouble with the CD player at the start of the cruise, and were two miles up the canal before the music began to play.  That immediately changed the atmosphere, and dancing among the balloons, with drinks in hand, began. 

The wedding couple ducks and friends decorated the "Hen Night" cake.

Someone had prepared some lovely seedy rolls filled with coronation chicken, which proved very popular with me!   I sat on the steps of the boat, watching the evening light fall over the canal, whilst eating the delicious rolls and sipping punch.  Everyone had a good time, even the youngest guest who slept most of the time in her carrier.  Baby Janey is just 2 months old!   

The decorated boat about to take its second cruise of the evening.

The "Kenavon Venture" sets off into the dark.

The boat lit with fairy lights with flags flying.   

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