Sunday, 14 April 2013

Out in the Rain and Puddles at Windmill Hill and Avebury.

The weather forecast said rain, but we set out nonetheless, only to get soaked up in the wild open spaces around "Windmill Hill."  The  started the walk around 10.30 in the dry, and wandered through Winterbourne Monkton churchyard, and then into this lovely little church of St Mary Magdalene, built in the 12th century, and was mentioned as being on this site in 1133.   We went inside at took a look at the two large tree trunks, now supporting part of the nave, but which originally supported the separate campanile.   It was dry here, where we had shelter, but as soon as we walked up onto the downs and into the wild open spaces of the Marlborough Downs, the heavens open and we all became saturated!  We hid under our umbrellas and plodded on regardless with true British grit!

Walking out towards a distant Windmill Hill.

We were doing ok, but someone offered me a helpful walking pole, and as I turned to take it, I fell into one of these ruts!   That will teach me not to pay attention to my feet!  We walked around the foot of Windmill Hill, and then back to Avebury.

Ever onwards towards Avebury and the "Red Lion."

The group had straggled out at this point, and those up the front, were destined to get to the bar first, and order a well deserved pint of beer!  Cheers!

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