Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cirencester Roman Museum

 The entrance area of the Corinium Museum.  A really excellent museum, with so much information and many exhibits about life in Roman Cirencester.

 A floor mosaic from a Roman house. 

 A Roman cavalryman on his wonderful horse.  Quite how he mounted his horse dressed in heavy chain mail and helmet, I do not know.  He must have needed a ladder and several helpers.  The horse was so realistic, and we all stroked his seemingly soft nose.

 A view down from the second floor, giving an aerial view of the floor mosaic.

 Out in the Roman garden.  The Romans were fond of their formal gardens, which were enclosed in a central courtyard.

A haughty looking butcher chops his hunks of meat.
This is an excellent museum, and well worth a visit if in the area.

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