Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Singing Season has Begun.

The singing season has begun here again, and last night at Dauntsey's choir, we began practising the music for our Christmas concert and service, which takes place in St Mary's Church, Devizes on Wednesday December 11th. 

We are singing songs and carols from "Advent for Choirs," which contains many well know songs, together with some I have never sung before.  We started with Bach's "Sleepers Wake," a piece I have sung so many times before,  followed by "Veiled in Darkness," a recent composition by Glen Rudolph, and a work I had never heard of before.   It is good to sing previously  unknown works from time to time, and not rest on our Christmas well know laurels!

The photo right, shows David Backhouse's statue of Euterpe, one of Apollo's nine Greek Muses, and the Muse of music, song and dance. She plays her flute in all weathers outside the music department at the school.   Born of Zeus and Mnemosyne, she was one of nine sisters.  Her name means  "rejoicing well" or "delight." She is also the Muse of joy, pleasure and of flute playing, and was thought to have invented the double flute.  I think I might be on her wave length.


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