Tuesday, 15 October 2013

French Organ Music in Salisbury Cathedral

Our cultural night out began on the top floor of Scoby's Fish and Chip Restaurant in Salisbury's Market Square, and a very good place it was to start an evening!  We climbed the stairs to the second floor, where I tackled a plate of cod roe and chips, with P enjoying chips with one fish cake. We both enjoyed a good cup of tea, and around 6.45pm set off for the organ recital in the cathedral.

The evening was fresh and very windy, with the strong wind blowing from the north, and blasting the leaves off the trees.  The huge space of the cathedral nave seemed warm by comparison, and we found seats at the front of the nave.

Mr John Challenger, the Assistant Director of Music at the cathedral, gave a performance of French music written in the early 20th century.  I was not familiar with any of the works, but was pleased to have a chance to stretch my musical mind, and open it up to more contemporary music.  I'm a bit hooked on JS Bach I'm afraid, and most of the time I close my ears to anything composed much later than 1850!   How narrow minded can I be?

The well lit cathedral at 7pm on a cold and windy night in October.

The nave, with our seats to the front left, three rows back.

We had a slight problem during the performance, with what sounded like someone's hearing- aid buzzing!  At first we thought an organ stop had become stuck, but think that the little old lady behind us had fallen asleep and her hearing-aid was making a horrible noise.  Everyone wondering where the noise was coming from, and we did wonder how anyone could sleep through a recital of loud organ music in a cathedral.  There's a first time for everything!

The cathedral the following morning, with bright sunshine but with the wind still blowing.

This photo was not easy to take, as I had to press the button just as the leaves hid the sun from the lens.   It's not too bad an effort on my "pocket camera" with the sun in my eyes.

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  1. Not too sure if I would like 20th century French music, but I love the pictures of Salisbury Cathedral!