Sunday, 13 October 2013

Same Scene, Different Edits.

The Marlborough Downs above Pewsey with an artistic edit.

I have a new Lumix camera to play with, and I'm spending time twiddling the various buttons, and attempting to work out how best to use the apparatus!   I'm please so far, although the camera is heavy to carry, and not as easy to use as my old "snap happy, pocket camera." Some edits are best used with certain subjects, as in the one above, where the edit has enhanced the dramatic sky.   

 The same scene, but with a high key edit.

A different edit, and different feel to the atmosphere.  I think I will like using the camera, once I know what I'm doing!

The scene again, but with a one colour edit.

I like this edit, and can think of many  scenes on which it will be appropiate.  I'm glad the camera is, to a certain extent idiot proof.  It means select the right buttons, and you cannot go wrong!   Time will tell.

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