Saturday, 24 March 2012

A "Blot on the Landscape" and the new "Jubilee Wood."

The former Devizes Law Courts.
These two photos show the sad state of the once lovely Grade 11 listed 19th century Devizes Law Courts and County Police Office.   Built by T H Wyatt in 1835, it consists of a symmetrical group of Bath stone buildings in the Grecian style.   It has a high central portico, with four  Ionic columns on a stone base, which is approached by five stone steps between rectangular stone bastions.  The columns carry a complete entablature and pediment with a carved Coat of Arms in tympanum.  It is a tradegy that his building is being allowed to fall into dereliction, and has been in this state for many years.  It is regularly vandalised and the stone is suffering from frost damage.   Very sad.
The magnificent Portal of now derelict Law Courts.
Various attempts have been made to turn this building into residential appartments, and several planning applications have been granted. However, for one reason or another, the owner of the property seems unable to put the building to sensible use. What a waste of a lovely building,  which would make a lovely theatre and arts centre for the people of Devizes.
Newly planted trees in Jubilee Wood at Caen Hill.
The year makes the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 11, and will be celebrated over the weekend of the 2nd - 5th of July.  As part of this celebration the nation is planting new woodland, encouraging children, parents, schools and many organisations to plant new trees.  The photo above shows the wood planted on land owned by British Waterways at the bottom of Caen Hill.  Over a series of weekends many local people  turned out with spades to plant the trees.

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