Monday, 26 March 2012

Cat Sitting Tiger and Tugger in Calne.

Tugger and I watch "The Battle of Britain."
I am on one of my biannual holidays in Calne, a week of cat sitting for friends who have gone off to the West Country for a nice spring holiday.  Calne is only a twenty minute bus ride from Devizes, but I still feel that I'm on holiday here.  The kitties are easy to care for, although Tugger has an ear infection and needs daily medication, which he does not like taking!  I mix it thoroughly with nice smelly tuna fish, but he still knows it's there and turns up his nose.  He is looking somewhat lopsided at the moment, with his poorly ear tilting his head to the left.  Tiger is very old and slow, and is content to sleep most of the day and night, which seems to be the favourite occupation of most domestic cats.  Tugger likes to sit on my lap, and yesterday  we  watched together the film, "The Battle of Britain."  Sir Lawrence Olivier played Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding, the man responsible for masterminding the second world war air battle over eastern England.   Tugger was very impressed with the acting and purred his way through the film.
Tiger on the table.  (Naughty cat!)
Both cats have the run of the conservatory, and outside, just viewed to the left, is a lovely flowering Magnolia tree.  One the table is my book, "The Old Man and the Sea" in which I am reading in German at the moment in our German conversation group.
Tugger sleeping on the sofa and Tiger coming through the door looking for more food. These cats look identical, but now I can recognise lopsided Tugger very easily.

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