Thursday, 8 March 2012

Moonlight over Silbury Hill.

On the A4, the old Bath Road and driving towards Marlborough, I detected a distant piece of cheese floating in the sky above Silbury Hill.  No!  It was the moon shining brightly in the cold night sky, accompanied by crystal clear Venus and a disappearing Jupiter, all three bound for infinity.   What a wonderful spectacal and thankfully no cloud to block the view.   Magnetic storms from the sun are heading towards planet Earth, and it would be nice to glimpse the "Aurora Borealis" from southern England,  although I expect we are too far south and cloud will block the view.
The organ in the College chapel.
We were on our way to a choral workshop and organ recital at Marlborough College, this time given by Adrian Lucas, the organist from Worcester Cathedral.   He performed a varied programme of music, from C P E Bach, the son of J S Bach, to 20th century composers. He performed "Fiesta" by Iain Farrington, six short descriptive pieces about dances, celebrations, converstions and song.  "Sweet Sixteenths" by William Allbright was based on themes from the music of Scott Joplin.  I have never heard jazz played on an organ before, the sounds were very exciting and extremely noisy.  I do like modern music for the organ, not something I ever expected say.
Moonlight over Marlborough.

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