Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Making Christmas Cards this week.

 My work desk covered in bits and pieces.

I had a creative moment last weekend, and decided to make my own Christmas cards this year.   After a lifetime of making things, I've been somewhat idle over the last few years, and have resorted to sending e-cards, mainly because the cost of postage often exceeds the cost of the card itself!   

I've always liked making my own stamps, and then stamping a design onto a card blank.    I found all my painting stuff, brushes, pencils, sharp knives, glitter, glue and the like, and set about designing some cards.   I bought some ink pads from Amazon, a nice little set of 20, but in very strong colours.  I've manage to find a technique for overprinting, which produces more subdued colours, although I think I will resort to making my own ink pads using gouache paint soaked into white felt, to achieve really gentle colours.   It's trial and error at the moment, but I have made three really nice cards, which need to be more "Christmassyfied."  (German friends, this is not a real English word!)

An almost finished card with a Christmas cactus design.

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