Saturday, 2 November 2013

Printing Christmas Cards

The assembled ingredients for the printing of cards.

A creative urge came upon me this week, after rediscovering the delights of making your own stamps, and printing instant Christmas cards.   I've spent my life as a potter cum painter, printer, needlewoman, jewellery maker, collage card maker and doll's house potter, and over the last few years have taken a step back from the creative world.  

However times are changing, so I've gathered together most of the necessary bits and pieces for printing, and hope to make a start this week.  I've ordered some sharp lino cutters, as these can be used to cut a design into the blocks of rubber I'm using for printing.  I've cut two little flowerpot shapes, and have tried out the design using the black stamp pad you can see to the left of the photo.  I bought a packet of card blanks, and also some handmade,  decorative Indian papers, with interesting leaves and flowers mixed into the surface.  These I can use as a background for my designs.    

The red, soft pencil draws the design onto the rubber blocks, and the yellow handled cutter is useful for cutting the initial larger shapes.  I now need the fine cutters for the leaves and flowers.  As soon as I produce my first card, I will display it for all to see. Fingers crossed!

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