Saturday, 16 November 2013

Out Walking in the Sunshine in Stert.

 The road towards Stert Manor Farm.

We got together on Friday morning for a walk in the sunshine, the first time in a fortnight, that it had been dry enough to walk.  We took the local bus to Stert, a little hamlet 3.5 miles outside Devizes, and alighted ready for our walk to the farm, and its large pond and quacking ducks, and to the little chapel, first mentioned in records in 1232.

 Stert Chapel.

We found the chapel locked, and although we have been inside before, we were sorry not to be able to visit again.

 Looking out over the hills towards Potterne from the Chapel´s burial ground.

From here we walked on towards Potterne on good track and road, as,  because the weather has been so wet, the paths are muddy and impassable in places.

Big puddles on the track down to "Drew´s Pond."

Here's a good example of one of the paths we could not avoid.  Fortunately the sun had done its work, and the mud was beginning to dry up.  From here we dropped down towards Drew's Pond, and then into Devizes and "Wetherspoons," a local hostlery, for a good lunch and drink.  I did not stay for lunch, as the day before I had a mouthful of dental performed on two teeth, and I was in no mood for fish and chips,  nor even a beer!   Things must be bad.

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