Friday, 1 March 2013

A Windmill Hill Circular Walk.

Walking towards a distant "Windmill Hill."

I'm fortunate to live in the heart of Wiltshire, among some of the most interesting sites previously inhabited by ancient man (and woman!)  Yesterday's walk was around one such hill top site at "Windmill Hill."  Neolithic and Bronze age man lived here in ca. 3,560 years ago, and left  several "Bell Barrows," ancient burial mounds on top of the hill, as evidence of his occupation.

The site is believed have been used as a settlement in the summer months, perhaps with some round houses and enclosures for keeping animals and growing crops.   Yesterday we stood on top of a barrow in a rough, cold wind, and waved our arms to the world.  The place has so much atmosphere with a feeling of contact with the ancient world.  I'm glad however, that our modern settlements contain warm water, double glazing and central heating!  

Flooded ditches.

England has been soaked with persistent rain this year, with some of the wettest weather for half a century.  The evidence can be seen here, with the flooded ditch on the right and the overflowing River Kennet to the left, just out of shot.  We took a wrong turn at one point, and ended up in deep mud which almost came over the top of our boots.  I eventually realized where I was, and with the help of Phil´s map, we got back onto the right track.  

We thought it a  good idea to  clean our boots in the stream before we entered the "Red Lion" for lunch, so hung onto a fence and dangled our feet in the stream.   I´d reserved a table earlier for the seven of us, and a good meal and a pint was had by all!  Cheers!

The old lychgate at Avebury Church.

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