Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday is the Big Concert Day!

Simon conducting our rehearsal on Friday evening.

Just a short write up today, as I listen to the Brahm's "Ein Deutsches Requiem" yet again, and attempt to come to terms with the fugue in the third movement!    Not easy, as it is sung at a pace that defies its appearance in the score!   Until recently I've been singing (with others) a couple of bars behind the rest of the choir!   I will mime the bars I do not know, so as not to draw attention to myself.  Hahaha!   

Above, Simon our conductor, is seen rehearsing us on Friday evening, with the altos sitting in the background.  We were accompanied on the organ by the sub-organist from Bristol Cathedral.  How talented he was!  He came straight in from a rush hour journey from Bristol to Marlborough, and without hesitation launched in the mega complex accompaniment to Dvorak's rowdy "Te Deum."    I'd have need a cuppa before I could have done that!

The basses and tenors sing up in the high altar.

We had problems at last Tuesday's rehearsal, when the  piano accompaniment in the spacious Marlborough College Chapel, could not be heard by the men singing some distance away near the altar.   They can be seen in the middle of the photo, and the piano stands to the near left.   This resulted in some confusion as to when they should start singing, and when to stop!    We all giggled, and got on with singing as best we could.   

Conductor Simon has great faith in us, and says it will all be "alright on the night,"  when the orchestra keeps us in time, and all together.  The choir has a mind and body of its own, but when we all sing together, my goodness, we make the most wonderful sounds.

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