Friday, 15 March 2013

Dvorak´s "Te Deum" for our concert on Sunday March 17th.

On this clip you can listen to the Dvorak´s "Te Deum," one of our works for our concert on Sunday afternoon.  It is very exciting to sing, all brassy noise and commotion, with some very high notes for the sopranos.  At times there are hints of Dvorak´s Czech folk music homeland, where he was born on September 8th 1841, and died in Prague on May 1st 1904, where he is buried.

The "Te Deum" op 103 is a cantata for soprano and baritone solo, choir and orchestra, to the Latin text of the famous hymn Te Deum, "God, we laud You."  It was composed in 1892 and dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America.   The work was completed before Dvorak moved to America, and was commissioned by Jeanette Thurber in 1891, when the composer accepted a position as director of her school.  The work was premiered at Dvorak´s first concert in New York on October 21st 1892.

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