Sunday, 10 March 2013

"Mother's Day Cream Tea Cruise" on the Kenavon Venture.

The flower bedecked entrance to the boat.

Sunday 10th March was "Mother's Day," and the crew of the  "Kenavon Venture" ran a cream tea cruise, for all the mummies on board with their families.   The cruise is popular every year, and this year 36 passengers with a crew of five  took the boat four miles up to the Horton Bridge winding hole, where she turned for the return journey back to Devizes Wharf.

Some of the crew members enjoy a cuppa before departing.

 It was a cold day, with a biting northerly wind blowing, and the sky threatened to drop sleet and snow on us all.   Here the passengers sit in the comfort of the boat, waiting to set off. 

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