Friday, 24 May 2013

A Morning in Avebury with the Sheep, Stones, "The Red Lion," Half a Pint of Cider and a Jacket Potato filled with Strong Cheese and Topped with Bacon!

 Walking alone the ridge of the huge ditch that surrounds the stones.  (left out of sight)

The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow!  So the saying goes, although the snow did not arrive, even though it was cold enough for some flurries.  It is supposed to be summer, but there is not a lot of evidence of its existence at the moment.  I fly to Germany this Sunday, and it is just as cold and inhospitable there too.

 Sheep, standing stones and us!

Here we are wandering though part of the stone circle, and up towards the ridge to the left of the tree.  The sheep graze the fields here, and it is a good idea to watch where you are stepping.  This prehistoric site hosts thousands of visitors every year, and as we found out later in the walk, some parts of the ridge around the site had been closed off to allow the grass regenerate.   Some paths have been edged and gravelled, thus making them more able to cope with the thousands of feet that tread these paths.

 The Rood Screen inside Avebury church.

The richly decorated rood screen was built by the Victorians, and was used to separate the holy altar clergy from the more secular congregation.  They have been removed in many churches, and unit the chancel and nave into one open space,  making a friendlier gathering for worship.

Sheep may safely sit!

Some kind woodman has carved a seat out of a fallen tree trunk, which is meant only for humans!   Look closly at the reclining sheep, who has jumped up and enjoys a less drafty view of the surrounding countryside.

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