Saturday, 11 May 2013

Out in the Wilds of Bromham with the Dandelions.

Yet another good walk in wild, wet and windy weather.   The best part was the sausage and onion baguette, with half a pint, in the "Oliver Cromwell" at the end of the walk!    We started just outside Bromham village, and crossed the busy road into quiet fields with wonderful views out towards the hillfort named "Oliver's Castle."  Oliver Cromwell, the famous leader of the Roundheads in the 17th century English Civil War, was never here by the way!  I suppose it's just local legend that makes people believe it to be so, and it creates a certain notoriety about the area.   In spite of recent rain, the going was good, not too boggy and damp, although we kept to the field edges where possible.   Rain was in the wind, although once again, we missed the really heavy stuff that was falling on other poor souls' heads!   The photo above shows the gloom, with swiftly moving clouds, but the sky did brighten later, and we had a really good walk of just under five miles.
Walking towards the hills on the field boundary.

A distant "Oliver's Castle" with its windswept trees growing atop the hill.

We often talk among ourselves, about just how lucky we are to live in one of the most interesting counties in England.   Wiltshire contains over half the chalk downland in GB, with its native flora and fauna growing rigorously at the moment.  Abundant dandelions, buttercups and various grasses litter the hedgerows.  It was a lovely, if windy walk, with the usual reward in the pub after five miles!  Cheers!

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