Sunday, 19 May 2013

Devizes "Festival of Food and Drink."

The Turkish stall selling colourful sweetmeats.

Devizes held its annual "Food and Drink" Festival in the Market Place on Saturday, and fortunately the sun shone, and it was pleasantly warm.  The stalls were a photographer's delight, with their multitude of textures and colours, light and shade.

The Herb Stall.

A number of animals were in their stalls, providing an area for children to watch them being fed and cared for.   One stall with chickens had an incubator, where a newly hatched chick could be seen panting for breath, after its struggle to get out of its egg.   The chick was  to be left in the warmth for up to ten hours, until it had fully recovered from its arrival on planet earth.  Several other eggs were about to hatch, and little beaks could be seen breaking through the egg shells.

A sheep with her lamb.

The calf watches  the visitors pass by.

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