Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May Bank Holiday Celebrations in Devizes.

The Carousel horses gallop around in circles!
It seemed as if the whole population of Devizes had turned out for the May Bank Holiday Monday celebrations in the Market Place.  The warm sunshine helped, because it was the first really warm weekend we have had since last autumn.  The winter here was very cold, and spring failed to arrive until late last week.

Many old vehicles, sports cars and lorries arrived outside the Corn Exchange and were displayed for all to seen.   Complete with bonnets up, it was possible to look inside at the super clean engines, and sparkly plugs and fuel lines.    All highly polished with shiny crome fittings and fresh coats of paint, they all looked very splendid in the bright sunshine.

It was possible to climb onto this traction engine, and have a quick lesson on operating the monster.  The day was a great success, with many charity stalls in the Market Place, and many more in the Corn Exchange selling a variety of bits and pieces.  It was a  lovely day.

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