Monday, 23 December 2013

Playing the Handbells in Potterne Church

Linda, Rachel and Jackie studying the music, prepare to play the little bells, that produced the highest sounds. Each player rings four bells, laced together in pairs.  

We played the bells in Potterne Church on Sunday evening, while the congregation assembled for the annual Christmas carol service.  We rang a variety of pieces, ranging from "The Skater's Waltz,"  "Joy to the World" and "Little Drummer Boy," to other more well know Christmas carols such as "We Three Kings."   

Our group consists of ten players, although these photos show only nine.   Doreen was missing, having popped off to chat to friends.  My three bells of A, A#/Bb and C can be seen to the above photo, bottom middle.  

Vicki, Mike and Terry with the large bells that play the lower sounds. 
We play three bells each.

In the foreground stands Celia, Julie and Tony, who play the medium sized bells that produce the middle sounds.  Each player plays three bells.

The photo shows the nave of the 13th century church, with a depiction of the Nativity, lit in orange light, in front of  the high altar.  A row of white cut-out birds sat along the window ledge above the altar, a depiction of hope for peace in the world. 

From left: Rachel, Jackie, Tony, Julie, (Doreen missing) and Celia preparing to play.

The large bells can be seen lying on the table to the right.  We play a chime of three octaves.

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