Saturday, 14 December 2013

"Winter Warmers" for a Hamburg Squirrel.

Hand knitted warm, winter clothes especially for a Hamburg squirrel.

I have a good friend who lives in Hamburg where the winter can be very cold.  She has a balcony on which she feeds the birds, and also the occasional red squirrel who happens to drop in to nibble some nuts.   I took pity on this poor creature, and knitted him/her a scarf, hat, mittens and booties, to keep him warm in the snowy winter.  

This Christmas present was posted to him last week.  I have assumed he is a boy, and knitted the outfit in blue.  How do you tell a male squirrel from a female?   Are they smaller?

However, our next problem is to catch the squirrel, so that he can wear his new clothes!  Does anyone have any ideas!

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