Friday, 27 December 2013

Up on "Oliver's Castle."

Up on top of  "Oliver's Castle" in the wind.

Way back in July 1643 the  "Battle of Roundway Down" was fought near this hill top, with many of the cavalry and soldiers being slaughtered as they fell down the a steep escarpment called "Bloody Ditch."   The hill top is the site of an iron-age hillfort, which gave the inhibitants a commanding view of the surrounding landscape, and made it easy to defend from enemies.

The information board gives details of the battle between the army of King Charles l , and that of Oliver Cromwell's Parliamentarian forces.   

The King's forces won this particular battle, but Cromwell and Parliament eventually won the civil war.  This led to a nine year Commonwealth in England, when the King was executed and the  monarchy abolished.   Charles ll eventually regained the throne, and then proceeded to execute all those who had fought against his father.

It is a wild spot atop the hill, much used by people flying model planes and walking dogs.

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