Tuesday, 3 December 2013

West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill

The entrance to the barrow behind the tallest stone.

I love this place, and would like to stand on top of the barrow in a raging thunderstorm, with the lighting flashing around me, a be terrified into an understanding into the  mystic beliefs of ancient man!  It would be interesting to know how he made sense of the world around him.  Many years ago I read "The Inheritors," a book by William Golding, in which he told a story of a group of stone age people.   He surmised  about their way of talking, their attitudes to the weather, to the everyday objects around them, and to themselves and their relationships.  I book worth reading, and which contains some interesting  oxymorons!

Silbury Hill, the bump on the horizon between the entrance stones.

These photos were taken on my new camera, with the edit set to "dramarice landscape," ot something like that.  I like the effect, but too many photos on the same setting will become rather boring.

Inside the 104 meter long barrow, with its separate burial chambers.

The chamber contained 46 burials in several chambers, and is one of the longest barrow in Britain.  The bones of the men, women and children are now housed in museums around Wiltshire.  

Silhouetted figures wandering on top of the barrow.

More detailed information can be read in the link below:

West Kennet Long Barrow

Silbury Hill viewed from the walk from the barrow.

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