Wednesday, 5 February 2014

In the Museum for a Talk on the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

Devizes Museum presents twice monthly some very interesting illustrated talks about matters of local history and archeology.  Last Saturday's talk, given by two very enthusiastic ladies, one with a soft Irish accent, gave us an insight into the planning and eventual completion of the new visitor centre at Stonehenge, which opened just before Christmas 2013.   

Stonehenge attracts visitors from around the world, and is so popular and iconic, that it is a victim of its own success.  One one very wet day a few days after the opening of the centre, 5000 people came to visit, and tested the new facilities almost to destruction!  The continual rain that's plaguing England at the moment, did not help, and left the site knee deep in mud in places.  Not a good start to 2014.

Stonehenge, a place of mystery and imagination.

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