Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Walking in the Floods near Semington and Sells Green.

The brook in full flood near Semington.

The atrocious weather has meant very little walking on my part, and that of both U3A walking groups.  The Wednesday group has cancelled so many walks, and although the Friday group has been  luckier, we are selecting walks on firm surfaces, meaning we spend more time on tarmac paths than walking across grassy fields.  

Water, water everywhere.

These photos show the flooded Semington Brook, a normally gently flowing stream, that stays in its bed.  However with so much rain, it has become a torrent and overflowed into the neighbouring fields and gardens.  One house is perilously close to becoming inundated!  It must be terrible to have ones house flooded.

Walking the towpath of the K&A near swing bridge 158.

Ten walkers took the walk from Seminton back to Sells Green for lunch in "The Three Magpies."  We stopped for a breather at swing bridge 158, and accommodation bridge, that allows a farmer to move his cattle from one side of the canal to the other.

 Seend top-lock overspill weir.

The canal water is well managed, and above can be seen an overspill weir, that maintains a constant level of water in the canal.  Surplus water overflows into the pound below the lock, and provides the next lock down with water, should it need to be filled.  Water management has become a topic for conversation at the moment.  We have too much water in England!

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