Thursday, 20 February 2014

Signs of Spring in Devizes.


It felt like spring this morning!  The sun peeped through the clouds, it was not raining, and it felt warm and springlike.  I do hope the warmth will last, as these plants will be in trouble if the cold weather arrives here from the USA.

Golden daffodils.

I found no snowdrops on my walk, but I know that they are blooming in the parks and gardens around Devizes.

The birds are looking for partners, although the one on the weather vane will be out of luck.

As spring is in the air, the birds are seeking partners for this year's batch of fledglings.  The seagull on top of the weather vane will not have a lot of luck with the metal cockerel. I'm sorry about the dark blobs on the photograph.  It was taken with my old camera, which has a dirty, inner lens, that I cannot clean.  I did try to air brush it out, but failed to understand the instructions for doing so!

On the tower, low down to the right, can be seen a cannonball hole, showing the point where, during the Civil War in 1643, cannonballs were directed at the town by Cromwell's army, who had encircled the King's army in Devizes.  Prince Rupert managed to break out of the town, and rode on his horse to Oxford for gather more troops.   These eventually arrived, and the "Battle of Roundway Down"  was fought on the hills above Devizes in July 13th 1643.  The army of King Charles l won the battle.


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