Monday, 3 February 2014

A Windy Morning at the Farmer's Market.

The Market Cross in Devizes Market Place.

Devizes was granted a Royal Charter in 1141 by Matilda, the daughter of William the Conqueror's third son, Henry l. This status remained for 833 years until local  government reorganisation in 1974.   A market has been held every Thursday around the Market Cross, built in 1841 at a cost of £1500.  Devizes has retained its heart and focal point as an integrated centre to the town,  a centre which has been lost is many other local towns.  These photos show the "Farmers' Market" which is held once a month on a Saturday morning near the Cross.

Fruit, veg, herbs and pumpkins.

The locally grown produce, fruit, vegetables, cheese, cakes, eggs, honey and many other tasty products deck the stalls, each run by a local farmer or small producer.

I had to avoid temptation at the yummie cake stall!

The weather here has recently been very wet and windy, and many stall holders had problems trying to stop their canopies flying off into the air.  It was windy on Saturday, but at least it did not rain!

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