Friday, 31 January 2014

A 15 Minute Walk in Avebury before the Rains Came. ( What a good excuse to go into the "Red Lion.")

 The Red Lion with it thatched roof. (photo taken in the summer.)

The weather is so awful, that it is impossible to go out for a really long walk without being almost drowned or sinking into deep mud.   Five of us caught the bus to Avebury on Friday morning, hoping to walk for at least and hour before the rains came.  No such luck!  We managed 15 minutes in a strong headwind, before first the drizzle started, followed by the heavy stuff.   Fortunately the newly revamped "Red Lion," was there to rescue us, so we went in, bought some drinks, ordered lunches,  and sat out the deluge in comfort.

 The recently revamped restaurant and its cosy window seat.

The pub has undergone some extensive redecorating and an extension to the restaurant area. Lying in the heart of the Avebury stone circle, it is always a busy pub, especially in the summer months, when tourists from around the world visit the ancient site.  We tend not to visit in the summer, preferring to have the place to ourselves in the winter months.  The present landlord is leaving soon, which is a shame, as we all like him with his pleasant, welcoming manner.

 Smaller tables in the restaurant with coffee menu.

Prince Charles has lunched in this pub, and until recently a large sketch of him hung just above where the coffee menu now stands.  It was not a flattering sketch, and it seems to have disappeared during the revamp.  The tables have been stripped of the dark lacquer, and the chairs and benches have been re-upholstered.  It all looks a great improvement. 

My half pint of lager and what's left over from a £10 note!

This is my half pint of Foster's larger!  I like Fosters because it is light to drink, and a half pint is enough to make me feel very jolly on a miserable, rainy day.  I chose a healthy option for lunch, a jacket potato filled with baked beans and covered with cheddar cheese, with a side salad.  All very tasty, and a good way to spend a wet lunchtime.  My umbrella has turned itself inside out, and a spoke has broken!   It is the latest victim of the terrible winds and rains!

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