Saturday, 25 January 2014

St Mary´s Church Planning Update.

The church tower projected onto the screen in readiness for the planning update.

Thursday evening´s meeting in the church attracted fifty or so people, all concerned about the future of the church and the acceptance of plans to convert the unused church into an arts centre.   It seems that the original plans were only marginally refused, and it has been decided to appeal against this decision.

New plans have been drawn up, with proposed colonnaded walkways linking the church to a free standing extension in the churchyard, so as to maintain a view of the east wall of the medieval church.  Changing the plans has meant removing some space from the proposed meeting room, cloakrooms, storage and office facilities.   This change  puts the business plan in jeopardy, since smaller facilities for the public will mean only small concerts and activities can be held in the church.   It was pointed out that there must be enough ladies loos to cope with a large audience.   I agree wholeheartedly!

The final words from an excellent speaker were,  that should the plans fail, and the scheme become unviable, the church authorities will make the church formally redundant, and the finance for its maintenance will be lost.   Another "Law Court" scenario looms on the horizon.

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