Thursday, 9 January 2014

Monoliths at Avebury Stone Circle.

The Sausage Dog and the Monolith.

Avebury is the largest stone circle in Europe, and never cease to fascinate anyone with an inquiring mind.  Why did ancient people spend so much time establishing these sites, with the necessary hard work involved in moving these monoliths, and setting them up in huge hand dug ditches.  The site probably provided the working man with something to do on a cold, prehistoric morning, especially if there was a drop of beer about, but I jest, as I suppose that we will never really know for certain what went on at this ancient site.

Monolith, with the encircling ditch to the right.

Each stone has a name, only one of which I know!   I really must do some extra homework on my "Avebury" studies.   One monolith is called the "Barber's Stone," because a few years back a skeleton of a man was found under a stone, complete with what looked like barber's tools.
Whether he was deliberately buried under the stone or crushed as it toppled over,  is not certain, but he was very dead!

Monolith with a silhouetted figure on the hill.

The stone circle is lovely to walk, and I have strolled around it on many occasions in all weathers.   It is a good place to feel the connection between 21st century man and our ancestors.

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