Sunday, 19 January 2014

Walking in "Puddles Lane."

 Standing on the corner of "Puddles Lane."

How appropriate, after weeks of heavy rain, we took a walk in "Puddles Lane,"  a tarmaced road that later became a muddy track.  The morning was bright, and it was so pleasant to wander the Wiltshire countryside with some warmth on our backs.  We walked past the village's old school house, a school built with money bequeathed by John Anstie, (1743 - 1830) a local wealthy wool manufacturer and philanthropist. 

The track from "The New Inn" pub in the village of Coate.

The wet English winter has left some big English puddles!

At the track's junction with the "Wessex Ridgeway."

We have walked this way before, and it always seems to be muddy.  We walked the path in the centre of the photo, and the Wessex Ridgeway runs from right to the left.   Wiltshire is littered with path and tracks, most of which are out in the wide, open spaces.  In the distance can be seen Tan Hill and Milk Hill in the Vale of Pewsey.    Milk Hill at 968ft above sea level is the highest point in Wiltshire.  I remember climbing it, and feeling very pleased with myself to be have reached the top, and even more pleased to stroll leisurely down the other side.  So much less effort!

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