Monday, 27 January 2014

Catching Pike on the Caen Hill Flight of Locks.

Almost in the net.

I always feel very sorry for fish being hooked out of the water, and prefer not to watch as a fisherman begins to haul in his catch on the bowed end of a fishing line,  so bent,  that it always looks as if a baby whale could be hanging on the hook.    However, I could not avoid this scene, as the fisherman was struggling with what looked like a big catch just as I walked past.   He hauled in the creature from the far side of the canal, and with gentle persuasion, it swam reluctantly into his catch net.

Playing dead in the net.

Out it came onto the bank and played dead!  I asked if I could take some photos, at which point he said, "This is just a baby pike, I have caught much bigger ones than this,"  another fishy story!   The pike looked pretty big to me, especially its wide open mouth with rows of sharp teeth!  It lay motionless in the net, until the gloved hand of the fisherman attempted to remove the hook from its mouth, at which point it flung itself rigorously back into life!

What a very large mouth.

I was impressed with the man's gentle approach to the fish, and he treated it with great respect, especially the rows of sharp teeth ready to remove one of his fingers!   With the hook removed, he lowered it gently back into the water, where it swam off,  seemingly none the worse for being in the net for a couple of minutes.  (Seemed a long time to me and the fish!)

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