Friday, 3 January 2014

Carols by Candlelight in St Mary´s Church

My candle, lit for the candlelight carol service in St Mary´s Church.

We sang unaccompanied, which is not easy, but two men with good, strong voices gave us the first note, and we attempted to stay in tune throughout all the verses of the carols.  This service was held to keep the church in use,  and to collect donations to enable an extension to be built. to provide the much needed facilities for an arts centre..   The plans were submitted, but were, last autumn, turned down, much to the chagrin of those who have worked hard for two years to convert the church into a social centre for local choirs, dance groups and for community activities in general.  

 An appeal against the refusal will soon be lodged, and will hopefully be successful.   It is such a tragedy to leave the church unused, when it could be put to good use by the community.

The chancel, looking towards the high altar.

The church will remain open for weddings, with the possibilty of holding the reception within the same space.   The church was full for the carol service, although we needed warm clothes, as it was not that warm!  

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