Thursday, 29 December 2011

Beach Huts in Sandown, showing the traditional British sense of humour!

Beach huts on the promenade walk to distant Shanklin.
I wish I owned ones of these smart huts, right on the seafront and lovely little hideaways for a summer at the sea, (well that is when the sun shines.)  These huts had recently been painted, a year round job I suppose, with the constant battle against the elements.  Winter seas in terrible storms must batter this coastline, hence the mighty sea defences to protect the crumbling rocky coastline. 

Multi coloured doors on the promenade beach huts.
On the blue door above is a notice stating: "Christmas Day Swim. Please meet here at 10.30am for our annual Christmas Day dip in the sea." Hahahaha, not for me, it's much too cold and I hate getting dressed again after a swim, when I cannot get my clothes on easily over damp skin.  The cliff behind these huts is composed of packed sand, held together by plant roots.  Without the sea defences, this cliff would gradually erode into the sea, taking the little village of Lake on top of the cliff with it.

Here are photos of a selection of interestingly named beach huts, all showing a play on the word "hut."  Some are very amusing and I've only shown here five of the most imaginative, out of a total of about 35 huts.  I  like Romeo and Julihut the best.

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